Donnerstag, 2. August 2007

Meine Top 5 der Britcoms.

Da deutsches Fernsehen ja wirklich nicht mehr zum Aushalten ist, hier mal eine kleine Auswahl an echtem Qualitätsfernsehen aus der Konserve. Alle DVDs sind bei z.B. bei erhältlich.

5. Bottom

EDDIE: This is a sex shop isn't it?
EDDIE: [slaps money down] I'll have five quid's worth then!
SHOP ASSISTANT: Very droll sir, I've never heard that one before.
EDDIE: Haven't you? Shall I tell it again?
SHOP ASSISTANT: No thank you sir, I'd rather have a pineapple inserted violently into my rectum.
EDDIE: You've been working here too long mate.


4. Red Dwarf

LISTER: "Rimmer, the escape pod is not an option."


3. Father Ted

TED: "Dougal, tomorrow - today in fact - you're gonna take a photograph of me kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse. And he won't like that either."


2. Men Behaving Badly

DEBORAH: "And I suppose, if Dorothy is prepared to marry Gary, I might as well give you a try. What are you thinking?"


TONY: "I'm just wondering what colour your bush is..."


1. Black Books

Bernhard: "Can we go now?"

Manny: "Yep, we're all set. Let's paaaaaaar-"

Bernhard: "Don't you dare use the word 'party' as a verb in this shop!"


Alle noch nie gesehen? Sofort nachholen!

"Fawlty Towers", "Monty Python's Flying Circus", "Blackadder", "One Foot In The Grave", "Coupling" (Season 1-3), "Believe Nothing", "Extras", "Green Wing" (Season 1), "Garth Marenghi's Darkplace", "How Do You Want Me", "French & Saunders", "The Vicar Of Dibley", "Teachers", "The Book Group", "Spaced" sind zwar auch allesamt mindestens fantastisch, aber wenn es hart auf hart kommt - einsame Insel usw. - dann will ich diese Serien mitnehmen können. ;)

Was sind eure Top 5 der Britcoms?